About Us

Welcome to Silk Route Antiques


Our vision is to channel your eyes to see the world of old, traditional and vintage antiques and artefacts. With this as the centre stage we pay close attention to the age, detail and quality of each item to ensure only genuine antiques and artefacts are sourced.

Our concept is to centre our business around genuine antiques and artefacts which are full of surprises. The unique beautiful things and visually pleasing items have been sourced from our journey of being lost and discovering hidden treasures around India and Asia. Our love and passion has created a new direction for us into the world of antiquities.

We will look to provide value to our personal clients and interior designers giving them the opportunity to own something which is unique and can become a talking point.


Our background is our ability to spot and pick up some very unique and extraordinary pieces of antiques and artefacts from across Asia including India. We are passionate about our collection and have an eye for weird and wonderful objects and love collecting antiques. Our collection has grown over the years during our travels where we learnt and built a treasure chest of knowledge on antiques and artefacts and have acquired some rare and amazing pieces. Tales of the wonderful pieces has been an inspiration to us and our vision is to curate objects which are rare, old and stylish for our clients.

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